One of the biggest shifts we've seen recently is how webinars are being leveraged to create unique and valuable experiences for prospects and customers. No longer do training sessions only happen internally. Businesses now recognise that their customers value learning too! Take a look at our latest project, which shows just how educational webinars can connect when they're used by businesses in this way.

Our client asked us to assist with the design, delivery and project management of an educational webinar series targeted at the B2B customer segment. The goals for this project were:

  1. Connect with new potential customers to increase leads
  2. Build brand awareness
  3. Create a unique and distinctive online experience

As you can see from the below video our client was able to attract some very big names! The series included 7 x 60 minute webinars each on a topic valued by the target audience. The webinar format was a 'masterclass' interview with well-known and respected local experts in their field. The topics covered in each webinar were: Money Management, Brand Management, Digital Transformation, Motivation & Productivity etc.

What we've done

1. Ideation Strategy Sessions

2. Audience and Topic Research

3. Masterclass Experience Design

4. Webinar Technology Selection

5. Project Management


As current events unfold, organisations are turning to social media and online courses as an alternative form of advertising. COVID19 has shown that people want information faster than ever with many stakeholders looking for content in the same place at once.

As audiences become increasingly accustomed to digital education formats, they are less likely to turn away from their devices when it comes time for rapid-fire updates on industry trends or major geopolitical developments—especially if those messages come through a trusted platform and source.

  1. Webinars can be used to generate leads, convert sales and create deeper connections with your customers
  2. Content is king though. This is not about 'pushing products' it is about providing content that your customers value
  3. Leverage online formats and technology but keep the experience human and interactive
  4. If you can, include influencers that your customers love and that represent your brand
  5. Have fun! The content can be serious but the tone and intent can still be kept light.

If you are interested in discovering more about how you can use webinars in your business feel free to schedule a call with us. We are always happy to share our experiences and hear about your plans. You can book a call right here: