Our favourite clients are the ones that invest in their Learning & Development teams! With the exponential growth in learning technology and content creation platforms it is so important that the people responsible for your organisations training are kept up to date with all the tools available to them. We worked recently with a fabulous Pharmaceutical company that wanted digital up-skilling for their global L&D team. After some initial discovery sessions we agreed on three specific skill-sets to focus on: 1. Video Creation and Editing, 2. Animated Videos & Presentations 3. Online Form Creation. We targeted four platforms Camtasia (for video creation and editing), Biteable and Genially (for animated videos and presentations), Typeform (for online form creation). We delivered the training for each platform via ZOOM and after each session the participants had to submit a completed practical activity creating content on the specific platform.

What we've done

1. Discovery sessions to pin-point the most important skills to develop

2. Online training design and facilitation

3. Review of practical assessments

4. Facilitate coaching calls to answer questions and provide feedback

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Camtasia is our product of choice for recording and editing 'talking-head' videos as well as for creating screen capture videos. We like Camtasia because it is easy to use, you can be recording and editing your own high quality videos within an hour. It also includes a range of editing elements to make your videos look amazing.

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Biteable is another one of our favourite video tools. Whilst we use Camtasia when we have to record our own videos from scratch - Biteable comes with ready to use templates so you can make videos with animation, their stock footage, and photos. Really great when your L&D team need to create bite-size videos on the fly that also look like you have spent a fortune on them!

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Genially is one of our 'secret sauce' tools that we don't share with just anyone. This software is super easy to use and great for creating highly stylized presentations, infographics and others learning assets. Similar to Biteable in terms of functionality Genially is more focused on digital Learning & Development tools and we consider it an absolute MUST for any modern L&D team.

Click the image to find out more about Typeform

Last but not least Typeform, and with out a doubt this is the software that we use most frequently when building our L&D programs. Typeform allows you to build visually stunning, engaging and personalised form, surveys and tests. We use it to build our online coaching forms, feedback forms, course registration forms, online course tests .... we could go on and on. A must have in your L&D toolkit.


You only need a handful of tools to dramatically upgrade your L&D teams digital design abilities. We highly recommend your team have the ability to:

  • Create, edit and produce videos
  • Design digital forms to easily capture data and report on key metrics
  • Put Powerpoint to the side and design presentations that that elicit a 'WOW'

If you are interested in up-skilling your Learning & Development team please feel free to schedule a call with us. We are always happy to share our experiences and hear about your plans. You can book a call right here: