Many of our corporate clients are going through a Digital Transformation of one kind or another.  This can range from initiatives like process automation and future proofing their workforce to full blown transformation of their organisation. In this project our client had already put 200 of their 'Top Talent' through a three day Digital Transformation bootcamp. They wanted to ensure that the lessons from the bootcamp reached everyone in the business so they asked us to convert the 3 day training into an online Train the Trainer program - the goal being that each of the 200 attendees would be fully equipped to train their teams in a one day event in their local markets. The Train the Trainer program needed to be easily accessible online, cover the key messages from the three day event and prepare their Top Talent (many of who had not delivered training before) to be able to confidently deliver the training with authority.

What we've done

1. Review of the 3 day bootcamp materials

2. Distill the bootcamp materials into a 1 day training event

3. Create an online Train the Trainer program

4. Provide support and guidance for the trainers

5. Create online quizzes to reinforce learnings post the local events

6. Reporting and analytics on completion & engagement rates


This project was really fun for us to design and deliver. We received amazing feedback from the trainers who said initially they were nervous about having to deliver the training to their teams but with the support of the online course they felt totally prepared, confident and excited to run their sessions. We took some key lessons away from this project:

  1. Any educational content can be re-purposed in new and surprising ways
  2. There are huge opportunities to re-use classroom content, presentations, events and create amazing online training
  3. With the right support you can up-skill any employee to become a great trainer

If you are interested in discovering more about how you can create online train the trainer programs for your business feel free to schedule a call with us. We are always happy to share our experiences and hear about your plans. You can book a call right here:

Client Testimonial

"Dee is strategic, engaging, highly confidential, results focused, positive, patient, commercially savvy and an absolute pleasure to work with.

There are many sides to Dee which contribute enormously to an organisation.  She is extremely knowledgeable, strong and future focused in the Digital Learning space and a huge asset to any Organisation embarking on a Digital Transformation journey.  Dee was instrumental in developing an understanding of the journey we were embarking on and developed the content and tools to enable us to ensure that the key learnings were transferred to all 7,500 employees in a fun, easy to understand manner.

Dee also supported our business coaching programme attended by our CEOs and High Potential Employees across all markets.  Dee’s success in this area is down to her ability to build high trust relationships and her ability to guide individuals to source solutions.

I would without any hesitation highly recommend Dee to any organisation."

Emer Jameson, Chief People Officer, Digicel Group