Once of the biggest requests we have had from our clients in the past 12 months has been for live webinars designed with bespoke content for their learners. Webinars (we find) have gotten a bad rap from a learning perspective when in fact they can be highly engaging learning experiences with loads of opportunities for blended interaction and engagement. Our clients particularly love our sixty minute webinars targeted to real-time challenges their learners are facing. Easy to schedule, quick to deploy and always on target from a content perspective we highly recommend live-webinars being part of your digital learning strategy. You can check out examples of our client webinars right here:

What we've done

1. Content research

2. Webinar calendar creation

3. Webinar platform hosting (we love

4. Webinar slide-deck design

5. Webinar facilitation by Dee

6. Reporting and analytics

Crowdcast Webinar


Webinars are such an easy way to provide interactive online learning experiences in any timeframe that works for you and your learners. It is amazing how much you can cover in just a 60 minute webinar. Don't be fooled by the levels of interactivity you can have on a webinar as many of the available webinar platforms including polls, surveys, calls to action and chats. Our favourite is Crowdcast and you can see examples of our webinars on Crowdcast right here:

  1. We are all for creating a webinar calendar of activities.
  2. Filled with topics that your learners are really interested in.
  3. The name you give your webinar is REALLY important - make it CAPTIVATING.
  4. Use a marketing approach to promoting your webinars internally.
  5. Use all the tools that your webinar platform offers to keep it super engaging.

If you are interested in finding out to introduce webinars into your business feel free to schedule a call with us. We are always happy to share our experiences and hear about your plans. You can book a call right here:


"The sessions are very inspirational. They inspire you to be a better employee, colleague, manager, leader and friend in the workplace, but also to be the best version of yourself outside the workplace." Rachel

"The webinars have been absolutely refreshing! I am often left  analysing my own actions after each message. Dee is a wonderful speaker and host. The presentations and discussions are filled with valuable, usable information that is delivered in such a simple and dynamic way, and they are easy and comfortable to follow. I often use it as a way to take a break and  recalibrate. I look forward to more insightful talks to come!" Crystal

"Attending these webinars, even on topics I feel I might have a good handle on, have always taught me something new. The energy and passion  with which they are delivered make them a must-attend for anyone interested  in self-growth and learning." Jean-Marc